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My Thoughts On Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warefare 2

Posted in Uncategorized on November 26, 2009 by aspiringgameprogrammer

So I just want to start this blog with two of Infinity Ward’s biggest games: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. I just want to give you guys my thoughts on the two games. I will start with Call of Duty 4.

When I played this game 2 years ago I knew I had to buy the game. I bought it back about 5 months ago. I was blown away. The scripted events were something else and the sniper mission was awesome. With the exception of the AI being as dumb as you can make it. Overall I enjoyed the single player game very much with awesome weapons and set pieces that would get any gamers heart pumping.

Now the multiplayer is something else. The multiplayer pulled me away from Killzone 2 and had me on for months. The weapons were awesome and the options Infinity Ward gave you was also great. But everyone knows that because basically everyone has played it.

Fast forward a couple months (years for some) and Modern warfare 2 comes out. And to my surprise, I didnt like the game. The campaign was so underwhelming I was wondering to myself why I subjected myself to buying the expensive Hardend Edition. The campaign was so short I finished in UNDER 5 hours. Some might say to up the difficulty and that will increase how much longer the game is. The truth of the matter is, you can do that for any game, so that argument is void. I could swear that the AI was dumber then in COD4. The only thing they improved on with this game was the animations. Set pieces were smaller. I had no reason to hate the main villain all that much (especially when compared to the last game). It basically seems like they took COD4 and put the same exact things in MW2. Sniper mission? Check. Rescue Mission? Check. Frustrating getting away sequence? Check. Infiltration mission? Check. Seriously they took COD4 and put different maps and characters to act these scenes out. Absolutely nothing new here. And if the America sequences didnt make you pull your hair out of your skull (mainly because you dont know where your getting shot from because of the jelly blood on the screen) I dont know what can.

The only good thing about this game is the multiplayer, but then again its COD4 with a few more options. Custom Killstreaks are great but isnt anything that will keep you coming back. The only redeeming feature of this game is the overhyped Spec-Ops mode. While fun its not worth spending $60 over. Overall if you want a better campaign, multiplayer and story, you ought to stick with COD4, its a much better game. Infinity Ward dropped the ball when it came to this game, and I’m sad that they did.


Hey Everyone

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I have searched for blogs that have people showing their way up through the game industry only to find none. I have actually been really trying to find students in game development schools or graduate’s from game development schools looking for work. That is why I’m here.

I’m here because in a few short months I will be attending Westwood College and will be pursuing a degree in Game & Software Development. So I will be here on a weekly basis wrapping up what I’ve learned, what games im playing, and my thoughts on certain topics in the game industry.

So I hope that you guys come to enjoy reading my blog and hope you learn something new every time I post (about the game industry of course). And maybe every now and then I may post a funny video I enjoyed watching. Oh and just to let you all know my school starts January 8th, so until then it will be just me talking about games and the industry.